ON THE REAL is a unique format combining pseudo reality-come-drama that incorporates running commentary by all cast members. This edgy series follows the lives of 5 young Nigerian reality TV stars, brought together by an obnoxious TV executive! They now have to balance their newly acclaimed fame with their regular lives as well as doing whatever it takes to keep their star status. On the Real highlights issues relating to the youth including relationships, self esteem, sex, drug abuse and much more…!

A drama series which revolves around the salacious lives of four best friends who regularly meet at ‘Maxine’s’, an upscale restaurant, to gossip and catch up on developments in one another’s lives.

Watch the hilarious exploits of the domestic staff of a Nigerian household and their never ending inter-play and antics. Welcome to the house of commotion!

Set in the heart of Lagos, HM Travel & Tours depicts the everyday lives and office politics of the Managing Director and the employees of this close-knit travel agency. Watch these colourful, outlandish characters and their eyebrow raising antics!