Central African elections authority says aim is for polls to go ahead

Dec 30, 2015 The Central African Republic election authority recently announced that every effort was being made to ensure that the country’s presidential and legislative elections go ahead as planned.

With the increasing doubts over the authorities’ capacity to hold the polls, Julius Rufin Ngoude-Baba, the spokesperson for the country’s election authority said:

“The ballot papers have been reissued, and those ballots are supposed to arrive in Bangui today. Every effort is being made to deploy them to the relevant constituencies so the election can go ahead on December 30, 2015,”

The authority also moved to quell media reports on fake voter cards being sold saying such reports were baseless and false.

Martin Ziguele, the leading presidential candidate and former Prime Minister, said:

“It is a miracle in itself that we’ve come so far today and this miracle is due to the will, a thousand times expressed, of the Central African people who absolutely want to go to the polls. The latest postponement is due to, as far as I know, the distribution of sensible material such as ballot papers, but I dare to believe it will be the last setback and that we will head to the polls on Wednesday.”

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