Egypt to strengthen military to fight against terrorism

Dec 30, 2015 Egypt recently adopted new strategies to diversify its weaponry sources to strengthen its military forces in the fight against terrorism.

Speaking to this effect, Gamil Afify, manager of the military affairs department, said:

“Some countries after the 30th of June revolution tried to cripple Egypt’s powers by banning or prohibiting Egypt from receiving arms. So Egypt diversified it’s sources instead of depending on one state, in the West, that can control or deny weapons sales to Egypt,”

Many questions have been raised over Egypt’s vigorous military spending. Commenting on this, Afify went on to say:

“If we look at the middle east we will find its full of wars and threats from several strategic areas and there are terrorists not only in Sinai but on the western borders in Libya, they have ISIL there, and there are threats from several other countries around us to,”

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