Dangote Foundation Joins Force with Other Funders to Create Ebola Vaccine.

9th Sep 2014 Some good news in the fight against Ebola, as more and more organizations work to create a vaccine, and philanthropists and governments dig into their pockets to fund research. One such partnership is the one announced between the Dangote Foundation and the Wellcome Trust, a non-governmental organization in the UK that works to facilitate medical research.

Mike Turner, Head of Infection at the Wellcome Trust, expressed his joy that the Dangote Foundation was actively getting involved in finding a cure by joining the group of funders, which also includes the National Institutes of Health and GlaxoSmithKline. He added that the funding would ensure a multi-pronged approach to fighting Ebola and praised the partners for going beyond talk to actually taking action to make things happen.

The team is working to have the vaccine ready by Christmas, with initial tests planned for England, the Gambia and Mali.

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