Federica Mogherini urges international cooperation to tackle migrant boat crisis

May 7 , 2015 In the aftermath of the Mediterranean migrant crisis, European Union foreign policy Chief Federica Mogherini has had talks with the U.N.
With about 900 people drowning en route Europe from Libya in April, Mogherini has stressed that a bigger cooperation network of all countries in the region is necessary to tackle the crisis.
She said to the press that “We cannot focus on one of the links of the chain, meaning the last part of the trip, but we have to address the root causes,”
“We have to address the issue of poverty, of human rights of unequal distribution and access to resources, being it financial or other kind of resources…. It is not a European issue, it is not a Libyan issue even if we are looking at finding ways of cooperating with all Libyans to face this threat and find ways of working together in preventing this spreading even more in that territory. But we need to work in cooperation with our partners around the region and around the world for sure,”
EU leaders have decided to triple funding for its naval searches in the Mediterranean, but it is still uncertain how they will cope with longer-term issues, such as dealing with human traffickers and redistributing asylum seekers around the 28 EU nations.

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