First Saudi women elected in landmark election

Dec 16, 2015 More than ten Saudi women recently won seats on local municipal councils after women were given the right to vote and run for the election for the first time in the country’s history.

Although women were not expected to win many seats in the elections, but even the smallest gains were considered a step forward as women had previously been completely shut out of elections.

Buthaina Al-Murshed, a female voter said:

“Everything starts from a limited scope. Once we are fully prepared, more people will participate in it and more successful experience will be accumulated. Then the success can be transplanted to every field, and the scope of practice will be expanded,”

The late King Abdullah, prior to his demise had granted women the right to participate in elections. He also laid the foundation for women to take part in municipal councils by appointing 30 women to the country’s top advisory Shura Council.

Speaking on the shift,  Irahim Al-Rausaa, a Saudi political analyst said:

“The new phase when females step on election stage will set the new trend for the whole society. Their unique ideas will infuse fresh blood into municipal councils and complement the ideas of male members,”

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