IOC launches Rio cost savings, upbeat about progress

Dec 14, 2015 The International Olympic Committee recently expressed confidence that next year’s Games in Rio de Janeiro will not be compromised by the current political turmoil and economic downturn in Brazil.

Speaking at the Committee’s headquarters in Lausanne, the IOC’s Games Executive Director General Christophe Dubi said the committee is working to lift the financial strain on organizers.

“We will be looking for the fat. Whether it’s big at that point, I cannot tell you, we will have to look into the details. What is really important is that they have numerous contracts to let at that point in time, and these are elements of negotiations with the service providers, so what is the actual gap and what is the final amount we can gain, really depends in the next six months on all of these contracts which have been looked into the detail, for one service level to scope and then commercial negotiation. Everything that can be done, will be a positive sign.”

As preparations go into the final stretch, Brazil faces a strong also political upheaval with President Dilma Rousseff facing impeachment.

The current situation notwithstanding, Dubi went on to say that he has been reassured by Eduaro Paes, Mayor of Rio, that these difficulties wouldn’t disrupt preparations for the landmark event.

“And overall we have also a very detailed matrix of responsibility between the three levels of government, and he (the mayor of Rio, member of the organising committee) reassured that everything that is currently in those matrix of responsibility is being delivered, it’s been the case and it will be the case in the future.”

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