Liberia's last two ebola patients recover, leave hospital

Dec 10, 2015 According to health officials, Liberia recently released its last two known Ebola patients from the hospital as it starts a new 90-day countdown to declare itself free of the virus for the third time.

Liberia had been the only country in West Africa with known cases of Ebola, after neighboring Sierra Leone became Ebola-free in November.

Speaking after the release of the patients, Dr. Pabs-Garnon, who works at the Paynesville Ebola Treatment Unit said:

“I am pleased to tell you that we are discharging two survivors of the Ebola virus from our unit. Unfortunately they were three at first, but we were able to manage the other 2, and they are successfully graduated,”

Government officials have moved to reassure the public that the Ebola safety procedures are still in place, as they are working to ensure that the country regains its Ebola-free status.

Tolbert Nyenswah, head of Liberia’s Ebola response said:

“There is no need to panic in Liberia about Ebola, absolutely no need. No need to cancel your plane tickets when you are coming to Liberia for Christmas, continue to come here, the place is safe. We will do our best to keep the place safe. Investors should continue to carry on their projects. Our job is to keep you safe.”

Mr Gbotoe, one of the Ebola survivors said;

“It is a bad feeling for me, even though I survive, but it is a bad feeling for me because I lost my son, my first son I ever had, he was my junior 15-years-old. He die unexpectingly to me, even though the nurses and the doctors try the best but it was the time for him to go,” 

Health officials have however expressed worry over the possibility of new cases as the 165 persons who had contact with the recently released patients are still under quarantine.

Elijah David, one of the quarantine persons said:

“Really, I feel fine about him, I welcome him yesterday along with the people that brought him. I am also feeling bad about what happen to us as a family member. It already happen. Even now, I sitting here I am under quarantine, because they said I had visited them and they don’t know if I may have contracted the virus so I should be here up to 21 days,”

Elsewhere Liberian medical workers are still grappling to explain the resurgence of the virus two months after the country was declared free of the virus by the World Health Organization.

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