Ngo assists the Police with its own 911 line

7th Jan 2015 In a bid to get citizens more connected to law enforcement agents in Johannesburg and other parts of South Africa, especially during crisis, a nongovernmental civil rights organization AfriForum has launched a 24-hour crisis line where members can report crime and other emergencies. The announcement of the service was made by the group’s CEO, Kallie Kriel. He is quoted as saying “This is not to replace the police, it is to provide more options and involve other stakeholders,”

The twenty four hours crisis and call centre which will offer services such as contacting law enforcement agencies, family members and neighbors of callers in the event of receiving an emergency call. Callers can also contact the closest Afriforum community safety structure or community watch, for help.

Kallie Kriel said the organization launched AfriForum 911 for its members because of the increasing crime rate in South Africa and to assist the police who may not be able to react to all emergency calls as fast as they should.

According to him, “We do have times when the police react fast, but there are times when they are slow. We are saying, let us have options in such situations.”

Mr Kriel said membership to AfriForum was open to anyone sharing its views and shared that the organization’s member base is currently estimated at one hundred and fifteen thousand.

Crime prevention isn’t the only target for the group, members health and physical wellbeing are also a subject matter, and this has also led to an emergency health service offered by the Afriforum 911, enabling members to report medical emergencies and request for ambulance services.

Speaking on the health service, Kriel said “Because members register information on medical aid membership, blood group and allergies beforehand, it makes emergency medical assistance easier.”

Kudos to the team.

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