Nigerians Take to Twitter to React to Federal Government's Speculation on Ponmo Ban

17th Sep 2014 And following from the news that the Federal Government may be planning a ban on the Nigerian delicacy, ponmo made from cow hide, we checked out social media for general opinions on the topic.

@Sirkastiq said not bothered about the pomo (?) Kpomo (?) Ponmo (?) ban. Anything that doesn’t have one spelling should be banned IMO.

@akaebube :While I cannot ascertain the veracity of reports on FG’s ban on Kpomo, I want to quickly add that it is an idea whose time has come.

@chydee: Dear FG, everybody cannot afford meat, and soup is useless without obstacles. DON’T YOU DARE BAN KPOMO.

@Nobsdaslushhkid: If you’ve eaten cubed Pomo, cubed Fried plantain + honey, you’d be angry at the government now for the ban.

@kennagq: The FG cannot ban pomo. Pomo is part of our culture .

@Jessykarh: Lmaoo! If u want to eat pomo after the ban, just buy ur own cow

@manmustwack: If we let them ban pomo next thing they will ban garri. #saynotopomoban

@DaRoyalGaganess: I don’t kнσw how I’d cope if †нε FG actually bans †нε consumption of POMO. On a norm…I don’t kнσw how †o cook soup wι†нout POMO! :'(

Cheer up guys, it turns out that you all were getting worked up over nothing. The Government has stated that they aren’t banning ponmo after all, in a tweet, the Nigerian Agriculture Minister Mr Akinwumi Adesina said “Let me be clear: government is NOT banning Pomo! But we must change. No country eating “leather” has ever developed a leather industry.”

So, let’s all chill with the hysteria, and for last words, we turn to EL Reports staffer Chioma who says sternly ‘You guys need to stop eating your

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