Photo exhibition explores lives of Filipino muslims in drive to combat prejudice

Dec 10, 2015 A group of young Filipino professionals recently launched a photo exhibition to explore the everyday lives of Muslims in the Philippines.

The project, which is tagged “Stories of Bangsamoro”, is aimed at encouraging greater tolerance and awareness of the country’s Muslim community. The campaign started in response to the recent spate of attacks by Islamist militants around the world.

According to Norhainah Abdul Aziz, one of the organizers, the project will hopefully shed more light on the religious group in ways that may not otherwise be seen.

“We want to show in “Stories of Bangsamoro” the different aspects of Muslim lives, aspects you normally cannot see in the media, and (aspects) that regular people who do not know the Bangsamoro of Muslims in the Philippines do not read or hear about,”

The organizers went on to say that the project plans to move to other area in the Filipino capital, after which the collection will showcase in other areas across the country.

Marilyn Patawaran, one of the attendees at the launch, said:

“I want to know more about them because just because you’re Christian, doesn’t mean you know everything. You need to acquire more knowledge because if you know more, your perspective will change,”treeeeeeeee

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