Protesters Calls for Independence of Saharawi

20th Nov 2014 In Madrid, Spain, A few thousands of protesters marched through designated areas behind a banner calling for the independence of Saharawi.

Saharawi, which was a former Spanish colony in North western Africa, often disputed, is known to be larger than Britain but with a, incomparable population of only two hundred and sixty thousand inhabitants, while boasting of  rich phosphate reserves, rich fishing grounds and potential oil.

The demonstration which was peaceful saw street artists perform, and included live music with the performers dressed in costumes which depicted the traditional Saharawi flag. The participants walking up to the country’s flag which was displayed, and touching it to show solidarity of the belief that the inhabitants were ready to be sovereign as an independent colony.

The president of the Coordination of Spanish Associations of Solidarity with Western Sahara, Jose Taboada said on the matter, “We believe the Sahawari people have to right to self-determination,”

In a similar vein, the Prime Minister, Abdelkader Taleb Omar, has praised the role played by the Interfaith Dialogue for Peace, annually hosted by the Saharawi refugee camps, in defending the national cause at the level of international forums.

The Minister expressed, on behalf of the Saharawi government, deep thanks and appreciation for the participants for bearing the burden of travel to be in the Saharawi refugee camps and also appreciated the work done by hardworking individuals and America’s delegation of priests and researchers to serve the noble goals in the respect for human and people’s rights.

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