Reactions trail the release on parole of Oscar Pistorius in Johannesburg

June 15, 2015 Following the news that Oscar Pistorius will be released from prison on parole in the first week of August, South Africans have been sharing their reactions on his very early release.

Isaac Plaatjies says “In my view he never served a proper sentence for what he did and I’m really against that, that he have to be released at this stage, I think his matter must be reviewed and he must still go back to court and I encourage the NPA [National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa] to take this matter on review”

Khaya Makhaye, agrees and says, “Definitely, he didn’t get enough time, not even two full years for murder, that’s something we should be embarrassed about as a society and this is just another case of money, you know, being able to buy out any situation,”

Madeline Scheepers, on the other hand thinks the situation is okay. “How do I feel about Oscar getting out? I think its okay. I think it was a terrible mistake and I think personally, he must be paying a very heavy price for it, and a jail sentence will not necessarily fix that for him.”

And Curlen Ruiters says “I don’t know, let’s see how it goes, but maybe justice will serve its course – but once again, money talks,”

Pistorius was given a five-year sentence for the culpable homicide of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, after a seven-month long trial, however, he has only served 10 months out of that sentence.

While officials at South Africa‘s department of correctional services were not immediately available to comment, it is recalled that prosecutors won their bid to appeal the culpable homicide conviction and will seek a murder conviction in the November hearing of the case. If convicted, Pistorious could go away for 15 years.

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