Tanzanian envoy says government has increased protection of albinos in the country.

Oct 21, 2015 Tanzania’s ambassador to the UN, Tuvako Manongi, recently told reporters that his government was cracking down on healers accused of carrying out heinous attacks against persons with Albinism.

Speaking at a news briefing, Manongi said:

“As a country we are making broad-based interventions, driven by the conviction that the tragedy confronting our fellow citizens is a heinous crime deserving severe punishment,”

To help raise awareness about albinism, the United Nations recently screened a documentary titled “The Boy of Geita”. The documentary tells the story a Tanzanian albino boy who became friends with a Canadian businessman with the same congenital disorder.

However, the Tanzanian government says the film does not portray accurately its efforts to stop the attacks and killings of people with albinism.

“Regrettably some individuals and entities have transformed the plight of our people as a source of generating fame and income. These have resorted to exaggeration, drama and blatant disregard of the positive measures we are taking as a country, and by our leaders. Unfortunately these include authors and producers of the film entitled The Boy from Geita,”

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