The Spirit of Lagos Campaign: Restoring Good Values and Ideals to Lagos State.

3rd Sep 2014 Lagos, better known as Las Gidi, is one of the most bubbling, exciting places on the continent. We love its spark, we love its energy and we love that feeling that anything is possible. But like every other city in the world, Lagos has its fair share of things that we do not like…you know, things that have you mumbling longingly for the good old days. Well there is a group called the Spirit of Lagos that is aiming to get Lagosians back to the values that made those good old days so good. The organization wants Lagosians to change their mindset towards the environment, infrastructure and their fellow man.

Because music is a universal language, Spirit of Lagos is asking for theme songs for the campaign. It has to embody the ideals of the campaign and be something that people will feel and associate with. Project Director of the organization, Niyi Omotoso, is quoted as saying at a press conference held in Lagos, that the winning theme song must align with the objectives of the SOL’s ‘Change Your Thinking’ campaign which is to restore those unique values that made Lagos a safe, just, prosperous and neighbourly place to live in and visit in the past.

Now, for your song to win, it must be brand new – never played on any media platforms anywhere and it should, according to Mr Omotoso  “promote the unique attributes that made Lagos a centre of excellence, inspire social justice, civic responsibility, citizenship and neighbourliness, and must not exceed three minutes.”

So, all you shower Grammy winners, this is your time to shine. BUT you must be a Lagos resident, for 6 months at least.

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