UK'S Cameron says EU reforms more important due to security crisis

Dec 14, 2015 British Prime Minister David Cameron recently asserted that the decision to review Britain’s ties with the European Union before a membership referendum had become more important following the security crisis within the bloc.

Speaking after a meeting with Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo in Warsaw, Prime Minister Cameron said:

“Now, I believe if we can secure these reforms, we’ll be better off inside (the European Union). But if you like, this renegotiation, this question has become bigger and more important with the security crisis that we face in Europe. So, it becomes all the more important that we work around the clock to deliver this successful renegotiation,”

While still addressing reporters, Cameron said:

“Even on the most difficult issue of welfare we have agreed to work together to find a solution. I support the principal of free movement and I greatly value the contribution that many Poles and other Europeans have made to Britain. The challenge is the scale of the vast movement of people we’ve seen across Europe over the last decade and the pressure that that can put on the public services. That is the problem that we need to address and I believe with the type of political will I’ve seen here in Poland we can find a way. I’ve seen here in Poland we can find a way. I want Britain to stay in a reformed European Union and the Prime Minister has made clear that Poland wants Britain to remain in the EU.”

Also speaking at the joint press conference, Polish Prime Minister said:

“Of course there are discussions and issues where we do not have a full agreement today, but I would like to put it this way, I think that these are issues which we will discuss further, and try to resolve with a consensus. Among those issues are welfare and benefits,”

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