Updates on Rumors of Stephen Keshi's Resignation.

3rd July 2014 Now guys, do you remember when we shared reports earlier in the week that Coach Stephen Keshi had resigned? Well the Nigerian Football Federation has now issued a statement to the effect that since Stephen Keshi has not submitted a formal resignation letter, he can still be counted as the Coach for the Nigerian Super Eagles.

Hmmm…so what is Stephen Keshi saying? His claim is that since his contrat has not been renewed by the NFF, he can officially count himself out of a job. Plus we all remember that statement he made don’t we? Along the lines of “It’s time for me to go back to my family and face fresh challenges.” Plus in a recent interview with The Cable he is quoted as saying “ My job with Nigeria is done. I just hope who comes in will give them the opportunity to showcase their talents. When I took over there was no standing team and I had to build from scratch really but I’m gone. I have loved serving my country but I believe I am done.”

Coach Stephen Keshi has done quite a lot for the Nigerian Super Eagles; he is the first Nigerian to take them to the round of 16, their first appearance at that stage since 1998 and let’s not forget Nigeria’s gold at the just concluded African Cup of Nations.

You know, this whole business is beginning to sound like a soap opera people. Stay tuned for the next episode!

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