US Ambassador to Nigeria visits Calabar

Dec 18, 2015 As part of his climate change and eco-system conservation campaign, the United States Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle, recently visited Calabar, Cross River State.

During the visit, the ambassador was given a tour around the set of one of Ebonylife TV’s production set. Afterwards, he sat down with EL Reports to share some of the strides his office is taking to ensure wildlife conservation in Cross River State as well as Nigeria at large.

Speaking during an interview, Ambassador Entwistle said:

“This is my first visit to cross river…I have always read about the wildlife in cross river but to see the live has been spectacular”

The ambassador then went on to comment on the proposed social media censorship ban saying that such ventures could be a slip sloop for the country’s democracy.

“Our conservative view as a partner and friend of Nigeria is that…and I applaude him for that”

To round out the interview, the ambassador commended the enthusiastic and vibrant spirit of the Nigeria’s teeming youthful population.

“You know before I can into this country…the thirst of young Nigerians to better their country is amazing”

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