10 Types of Sex Every Woman Should Have in Their Life-time!

Honeymoon Sex


This is the first time the two of you will have had sex since saying “I do” unless the two of you sneeked in a cheeky “airplane sex” on your way to your honeymoon destination (if you left the country). Honeymoon sex assumedly would be sensual as you come to the realisation that you are now “one”.

I’m Sorry/ Make-up Sex


“Make-up sex” or “I’m sorry sex” is definitely the most complex of them all, with your emotions all over the place that you don’t know which way is up. After an argument or a falling out with your “boo” there are still some unsaid issues but you’ll sort that out later, heck you still love him/her and you’ve missed their love and affection.

Vacation Sex


All guards are down and both parties can let loose. Vacation sex is where “anything goes” you haven’t got to worry about anything except having a good time, so enjoy it…anywhere, anytime.

We Might Get Caught Sex


Whether it’s in the office, in the park, on a side road, the feeling of “we may get caught” makes it all the more exciting. Just don’t get caught by kids…it may be traumatising for them hehehe.

You’re Gonna Miss Me Sex AKA Break-up Sex


This one could be argued to be the steamiest of all…make him or her know that they’re going to miss you, pull out all the stops WITHHOLD NOTHING! This kind of sex is only performed during certain kinds of break-ups. We have the ugly break-ups where things turn sour so sex would be the last thing on your mind, but then there are the back and forth break-ups where the two involved have tried to break up on a few occasions, this one is the so called “last time”.

Sex on the Beach


This is also combined with “we might get caught” sex. Safest done when it’s dark, though you can’t be so sure that you won’t get unexpected spectators…this risk makes it all the more exciting. Something you probably haven’t done before, but at least you can tick it of the list of “raunchy things to do in my life-time”.

Shower Sex


Hot, steamy shower sex…it’s a must! Whether your significant other says “I want to go freshen up” and you sneak in behind them or if you pull them into the bathroom during session one, shower sex is like none other. Girls don’t worry about your hair, try different positions, explore…

Role Play Sex


Lol…this one is subject to imagination. Let your imagination run wild, be who or what you want to be, as long as you’re having fun doing it…play that role, play it well!

Airplane Sex

airplane sex

Whether you’re on your way to your honeymoon with your newly wedded wife or husband, or taking a cheeky trip to a holiday destination with your significant other, airplane sex will definitely make your flight go seemingly faster. You’ll definitely be on cloud 9 *wink* and when you come out and see the long queue of bladder filled passengers, don’t apologise… they’re just jealous (hehe)

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