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Celibacy, for those who don’t know, means zero sex. Zero fun in the sheets, only hand holding, staring into each other’s eyes and dropping bae off at their door. In this society we live in where the legal age for sex is 16, my 12 year old cousin looks 25, skirts are shorter than ever ... Read More

Any woman who has or earns more money than a man is an asset

Jan 25, 2016 Any woman who has or earns more money than a man is an asset, hold that thought for a minute… Women usually also say “ain’t romance without finance”…which statement holds more weight in this day and age? You can look at this from two angles, one being you have a boyfriend therefore ... Read More

What would you do?

Nov 05, 2015 Let me paint a scenario for you, I’m sure most of us have been there…narrating from a female point of view (because I am a lady) but please edit where necessary in your mind (*side note for the guys*) Your friend hooks you up with a “blind date”, you’re nervous and excited ... Read More

Nigerian? Say what?

Nov 05, 2015 I bet you didn’t know this person is Nigerian…..Nnamdi Asomugha This young-ish man, Nnamdi Asomugha was born July 6, 1981. For those of you who do not recognise his face, Asomugha is an American football cornerback for the San Fransisco 49ers of the National Football League (NFL). More on the run-up to ... Read More

Why You Must Be Physically Active

Nov 05, 2015 Sir Mick Jagger, the famous English singer and actor exercises 6 days a week and includes ballet, pilates and yoga in his regimen. He clearly gets that fitness rewires the brain to fight fear, reduces the stress response and multiplies stamina. The Great Nelson Mandela used to walk entire days for the ... Read More

10 Types of Sex Every Woman Should Have in Their Life-time!

Honeymoon Sex This is the first time the two of you will have had sex since saying “I do” unless the two of you sneeked in a cheeky “airplane sex” on your way to your honeymoon destination (if you left the country). Honeymoon sex assumedly would be sensual as you come to the realisation that ... Read More

The EbonyLife and Times of Oreka Godis

She’s a woman of many wonders, an actress, content developer, creative writer, presenter for radio and television she’s none other than our Love Lounge presenter, Oreka Godis. Read on to find out the things you didn’t already know about the down-to-earth OAP.  Q. Where did you grow up and what was life like for you? ... Read More

Former BBA winner Karen Igho secretly marries.

27 May 2014 So has BBA winner Karen Igho gone and gotten hitched in a secret wedding? Well apparently this is true. Karen showed off a wedding ring this wedding on her instagram page She also posted 2 more pics confirming that she’s finally off the market. What more, this might have happened a while ... Read More

Dangote plans to consolidate his company’s position as the largest sugar producer in West Africa.

27 May 2014 He has conquered cement and now, Africa’s richest man is turning his attention to sugar. Alhaji Aliko Dangote announced recently, that his Sugar refinery is projected to produce about 2 million tonnes of sugar per annum from locally grown sugar cane within the next 10 years. He stated that the plan was ... Read More

“Heal. Release. Move on. Thrive!” – Read “Letter To My Daughter at 20″

By Debbie Edwards –   My darling, as you turn 20, I wanted to share a few of life’s most important lessons with you. You will have many significant people through your life, and a best friend. You do not need to be intimidated by your best friend, or your boyfriend, mother or job for that ... Read More