11 Feb 2014 – With Social Media Week literally around the corner, the tech space is heating up pretty quickly, none less so than Nigerian tech blog TechCabal, in their preparation for what they promise will be the mother of all start up competitions. To show that they are putting their money where their mouths are, the blog has announced an increase in the prize money for its Battlefield startup competition to US$20,000.

Tech Cabal, which has partnered with a host of tech and non tech based heavyweights, promises that the event will usher in a new generation on the tech landscape. The competition, which is open to startups with less than US$200,000 in funding and with an essential tech component to their businesses, will be part of the 2014 edition of SMW Lagos.

TechCabal editor-in-chief BankoleOluwafemi is quoted as saying “To be honest, we are genuinely amazed at how the ecosystem is coming together to make things happen. “However, what we are also seeing here is startups making it happen for upcoming startups. These are remarkable and great developments for a fledgling tech ecosystem like ours.

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