A Green Man Seen on the Streets of Uyo

“I am an air traffic controller in Uyo Airport. When I am not directing planes in the sky, I run SOFER Initiative. It is an organization that creates environmental awareness and aims to bring about change in people’s attitude towards it.”

What is the most important thing people need to know about the environment? “The environment is who you are. It is where you live and everything around you. People need to take responsibility and change bad habits that affect not just the environment, but our health and quality of life.”

How are you creating awareness? “I have a group of volunteers. We organize events teaching people simple ways to preserve their environment. We also go to public places like the market and motor parks distributing waste baskets to commercial drivers.”

What is your mantra? “The virtue of a generation lies in the bridge of selfless service, we may pass but a strong bridge would carry generations after.”

Emmanuel Sofa is building bridges for the future of the planet. He is among other advocatesdedicated to making a positive difference. Find out more about his green initiative on “Naija Diamonds” every Saturday at 20:30 CAT (19:30 WAT) on EbonyLife TV DSTV channel 165.


To support Emmanuel’s pursuit of a green Nigeria contact, him through

Stand Out For Environment Restoration (SOFER)

Website: www.soferinitiative.blogspot.com

Email: soferinitiative@yahoo.co.uk, saemmatt@yahoo.com

Phone: 08087892084, 08037719063

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  1. TusseTusse Aondona Suleiman

    You are doing a Wonderful job Mr. SOFA Today with people, PEAOPLE … people with  creativity and innovative spirit, there are no limits to what is possible in this great nation of ours Nigeria .It is a religious and national duty to try to leave a better environment for the next generations yet unborn. Life is enrich by our own actions. Keep up the Good work man

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