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White Rabbit: Secret to Successful Businesses

What do you do? “I run a business support service company for small and medium scale enterprises called White Rabbit Concepts. We organize free seminars instructing entrepreneurs on how to successfully start and operate a business.” Why teach business skills? “Nigeria has a large youth population. Over 50% percent of young graduates are unemployed. If ... Read More

Mother Goes Out on a Limb for Other Children.

The room was full of parents and playing children. I went to speak to one young mother who was beaming with pride. What do you do?“I run The IREDE Foundation, an organization that helps child amputees. So far, we have provided prosthetic limbs to more than 5 children. We also provide emotional support and counselling ... Read More

The One-Woman Justice League.

What do you do? “My life’s work is ensuring that victims of sexual abuse and injustice get hope and respite.” How did you get involved in advocating for victims? “I, myself, have suffered both physical and sexual abuse, so I know personally the ordeal that victims go through.It is a frustrating experience. When a woman ... Read More

Providing the Care in Healthcare

After a busy day at the hospital, this nurse doesn’t rest. Brdget’s work continues in her neighbourhood. She is well known in her community and beyond for attending to anyone in need of medical care.  “Sometimes I receive a call in the middle of the night. I can’t turn anyone down because I might be ... Read More

Young Man Found in a Farm

I expected to see an old man, weathered by time and stress. I was surprised to meet a lively young man with a warm smile. Adeniyi Adenuga is not your typical farmer. “Before going for my national youth service, I did a three-month course in aquaculture. When I returned from service I started my first ... Read More

The Abuja Flasher

The volume of the music intensifies. I can see he is eager to start. “I run a dance school for teenagers and young adults. I also help organize flash mobs to generate publicity for companies and NGOs.” Why dance? “Dance is a natural way to express yourself. Young people have a lot of energy that ... Read More

Filmmaker Creates Shelters out of Melodies

“This thing we call life is very difficult. If you cannot make it easier for the next person, please, don’t make it harder.” In what way are you making life easier for other people? “I organized a reality singing competition for orphanages around the country.” What made you come up with this idea? “I am ... Read More

He’s a Dream Maker!

Somewhere in Jos, a young artiste with big dreams of becoming a star sings his heart out in a recording studio. About 220kilometres away, in the city of Kaduna, that young artiste’s benefactor is pursuing his own dream. “If you are receiving from the society you must give back in one way or the other.” ... Read More

The Prescription for a Satisfied Life

After a tedious 6-hour drive by road, a ferry ride across a river, and another 2-hour drive I met him at a small border community. “Can you imagine a pregnant woman with labour pains in the middle of the night having to cross the river and drive several hours just to get to the nearest ... Read More


“Becoming the winner of the first ‘Miss Wheelchair’ pageant has given me a platform to educate society on the special needs of people with disabilities.” What kind of awareness are you creating? “In developed countries, public buildings are easily accessible for people in wheelchairs and the blind. Nigeria needs to adopt such standards to enable ... Read More