A whole new world opens in Nigeria for lovers of film

16th Jan 2015 There is good news for avid film and cinema lovers in Nigeria due to a new initiative by Multi Kulti films, founded by Ayo Osinibi, a lover of African and world cinema. The organization has created a platform that engages the public with an Alternative Cinema program of Independent and Experimental films, International and Pan-African films, Vintage Classics and Documentaries. The organization intends to make their vast library of digital films and DVDs available to members to view at home, and for screening for non-commercial purposes. The initiative encourages community cinema, and a chance to enjoy quality films, most which tell important stories and histories of our rich continent and other parts of the world.

Ayo Osinibi, an art lover and archivist who ran an international music store and Art gallery in Manhattan, USA for 8 years, says membership to the cinema club is open to lovers of cinema, stakeholders and practitioners, collectors or students of foreign languages. The group is not snobbish at all and is open to all as film is a great avenue for not just entertainment, but informing and educating.

According to the Multi Kulti films spokesman, the group is also for “A person that wants to escape into the magical worlds of cinema… vis a vis animations, silent films, panoramic spectacles, musicals and surreal concepts.”

The membership also grants you request rights for the organization to locate films that Multi Kulti may not currently have in their library.

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