Tanzanian witchdoctors facing prosecution in the fight to protect albinos

16th Jan 2015 The Tanzanian Albinism Society has commended the government for a recent ban on witchdoctors, as part of its fight against persistent attacks and abuse on people with albinism. The ban is just the first step in the process, and more strict measures will be put in place to punish defaulters and secure the victims. To protect the wellbeing of more than thirty three thousand people.

According to the chairman of the society, Ernest Njamakimaya,”If we and the government come together and show strength as one and speak as one, we can deal with the problem head-on,”

Mathias Chikawe, Tanzania’s Home Affair minister has affirmed the Government’s determination to uncover erring witchdoctors, and says there will be a nationwide operation to “arrest them and take them to court” if they continue to work.

The action to find and prosecute witchdoctors is expected to start in soon in the northern areas of Mwanza, Geita, Shinyanga, Simiyu and Tabora, where most of the attacks have taken place. To this effect, a special task force has been created by government, consisting of the police and the Tanzanian albinism society.

Many witchdoctors sadly believe that albino body parts bring wealth and good luck. However, public outcries and campaign have brought the practice to the light where it is being actively dealt with. Campaigners against the evil act have seen the victory as a great step in safeguarding the lives of the younger generations, who will now have greater chances of living.

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