Abia state in Nigeria plans Africa’s largest mall

25th Feb 2015 A piece of land measuring about two hundred and eighty square meters in Abia state, Nigeria is the proposed site for the new and first of it kind Smart Mall in the world. The project, tentatively called the Aba Mega mall is reportedly expected to be the largest Mall in Africa on completion.

The project is spearheaded by Greenfield Assets Limited in partnership with the Abia State government, and figures for the venture are currently estimated at fifty billion naira or two hundred and sixty million dollars.

The modern trading and distribution center will include about five thousand eight hundred and thirty shops,  Banks, Game Arcades and a cinema for movie lovers. It will also enjoy amenities such as 24 hours power supply, Water & Waste Management, Bus shuttle, Petrol Station, and lots more.

The tech-y part of the story is that you don’t have to be present physically at the mall to enjoy the services. Visitors can buy tickets, buy and sell goods and request services, with their computers and internet enabled devices. This is because facilities will be connected to an e-commerce hub to give physical and online visitors fast access to information and services for business activities.

According to their website, the Smart Mall concept is all about harnessing the potential of technology to enhance leisure, shopping and business efficiency, for the better use of resources, in consideration of the environment, and to promote a more interactive and responsive administration, with a safer shopping and business experience.

Paul Obanua, the Managing Director of Greenfield Assets has told the media that he with his folks at the Mega Mall project aim to create a commercial hub for the eastern and south-south regions of Nigeria, to improve Aba and its trade, by equipping the area with a structured facility where trading and other commercial activities can be done, with better organization.

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