Liberia drops curfew and reopens land borders

25th Feb 2015 We have more positive news from Liberia. Following last week’s resumption of schools in many parts of the country, and further recession in the number of people affected by the virus virus, President Sirleaf Johnson has told officials to lift the 6 month old curfew that was prompted by the crisis. She has also ordered that the country’s land border crossings be reopened, “on the advice of the National Security Council of Liberia.” The six month imposed curfew was at first ran from 9PM till 6A.M, till the country’s officials pushed back the start time to midnight.

The statement by President Sirleaf also noted that the ending health crisis, response and the region’s economic recovery plans are some of what will be discussed at her meeting with President Obama around the twenty seventh of this month. The United States has announced that it is ready to withdraw most of its 3000 troops, who were dispatched to West Africa last year in the fight against the disease.

The execution of the orders by the president is a sign that normal life has started in the country, while ongoing efforts are still geared towards ending the disease. Only two cases were reported in the most recent update from the World Health Organization in the country.

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