Any woman who has or earns more money than a man is an asset

Jan 25, 2016 Any woman who has or earns more money than a man is an asset, hold that thought for a minute…

Women usually also say “ain’t romance without finance”…which statement holds more weight in this day and age?

You can look at this from two angles, one being you have a boyfriend therefore you are not married you are not tied to him, he is not tied to you. What would you do? You’re earning a very comfortable sum, you’ve got cash flow on lock and life is great! You met a guy a little while back, he isn’t working but he’s got the best personality, he’s ambitious. Would you say “forget him, he needs to get his ish together before we can get together” or would you say, “It doesn’t matter, it’s only a temporary situation. Afterall, he has an amazing personality and that’s rare these days”?

Then we have the other scenario, you’re married to a great man and you both have a family to feed. You’re the main bread winner now the question is, do you submit to him as the head of the house as you’re meant to? I think that as long as the woman is submissive and humble, there shouldn’t be a problem. However, we can’t forget the fact that men have egos and if things aren’t as they’re meant to be, their ego gets hurt BIG TIME!

To get a better understanding, let’s look at the two scenarios in a deeper light. One being that the two of you are dating, courting whichever one slips out of your tongue easier and the other being on the premise that you’re married.

Okay, so come on ladies this is the 21st century is it really a big deal if as a woman you earn more than your boyfriend? To be honest, he hasn’t put a ring on it, the money you make is still yours (you’re not obliged to share it with him though it would be nice) I have been in relationships whereby I have been the sole provider, he wasn’t working and I did it out of care for his wellbeing. I’d say as long as he is ambitious and has long term goals that sit well with you, it’s really not a big deal. Just because he’s not working today doesn’t mean he can’t get his big break tomorrow, we’ve got to start looking at the bigger picture. Just wait it out and see where his connections and pursuits take him.

As for the married women earning more than their husbands? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it and I don’t think it’d be fair to make your husband to feel less of a man for it either. Just like I previously stated, just because he isn’t earning big bucks right now, doesn’t mean he won’t get a higher paying job tomorrow and to be honest, he’s probably feeling uneasy about it…let’s not add unnecessary tension.

In light of all that’s been said, is it a big deal for the woman to earn more money than the man? No, it isn’t…as long as there’s respect from both parties it shouldn’t matter who is bringing in the most “dough”. No situation is permanent so just because she’s earning more than the man today, doesn’t mean it’ll be that way forever.

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