Argentine Pizzi presented as new coach of Chile

Feb 09, 2016 Juan Antonio Pizzi was recently presented as the new coach of the Chilean men’s national soccer team.

Speaking at a news conference, President of Chile’s National Soccer Association Arturo Salah said:

“I want to welcome Juan Antonio and to present to you the new coach and pass it over to him so that he can say hi,”

The Argentine, who until recently coached Mexican side Leon, will be replacing his compatriot Jorge Sampaoli.

Also speaking at the conference, the new coach said:

“The majority or all of the teams that I have coached, I have tried to instil and demonstrate this protagonism and we are going to try to continue with this protagonism that has been achieved with lots of effort that thanks to God has had good results. But logically also within this structure or that vision that we provide, which lines up with past processes, we are going to have our stamp, our identity, our imprint, and we will add things to it and we believe that they can continue benefiting the evolution of this team,”

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