Australian PM sets July 2 poll in motion if bills blocked, moves budget forward

Mar 23, 2016 Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently dissolved both houses of parliament and called for an early election, if a parliamentary sitting next month fails to pass the government’s labor reform bills.

The Senate had earlier passed voting reforms after a marathon session, clearing the way for Turnbull to call for an early election.

While addressing reporters in Canberra, Turnbull said:

“Today, I called upon His Excellency the Governor-General to advise him to recall both houses of parliament on April 18, to consider and pass the Australian Building and Construction Commission Bills and the Registered Organisations Bills and the registered organisation bill and he has made a proclamation to that effect. I make no apology for interrupting senators’ seven week break to bring them back to deal with this legislation. This is an opportunity for the Senate to do its job of legislating, rather than filibustering. The go slows and obstruction by Labor and the Greens on this key legislation must end. The Senate will have an additional three sitting weeks to deal with the ABCC and registered organisations legislation, plenty of time to pass these important laws. If the Senate fails to pass these laws, I will advise the Governor-General to dissolve both houses of parliament and issue writs for an election,”

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