Bad memories from 2015 disappear in an instant

Dec 30, 2015 Are there a few things you didn’t like about 2015 or things you wished you could forget and start anew?

Apparently you are not alone, as dozens of people recently headed to Times Square to Shred and forget the bad memories of 2015.

The event, tagged Shred it and forgets it, was held to commemorate Good Radiance day.

The yearly event was inspired by a Latin American tradition, in which New Year’s revelers stuffed dolls with objects representing bad memories before setting them on fire.

And as you would expect, everything from pink slips, photos of ex-lovers to credit card statements and medical bills all got shredded.

Tim Tompkins, president of the Times Square Alliance, took a quick jib at Donald Trump when he said:

“Fueling hate based on race, religion and nationality. I’m going to shred the Donald,”

Maria Benardis also echoed Tompkins sentiments saying:

“I think the key message is that we can thrive with unconditional love…We don’t need fear, we don’t need people like Donald Trump or anybody else, creating fear for no reason and people buying into it, which I don’t understand. We really don’t need it, so that’s my message and what I’d like to get rid of for myself and everybody,”

The event, now in its 9th year, had a giant shredder which was used to decimate the paper and the memories into little bits.

Aolat said:

“I shredded saying goodbye to all my carelessness, I need to be more focused in the new year,” 

At the event, bad memories, habits and relationships were all symbolically tossed away, with every participant looking forward to a fresh start in the New Year.

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