Boxer Mike Tyson unveils his waxwork in Las Vegas

Dec 04, 2015 Mike Tyson recently unveiled his very first wax figure at the Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas.

The figure, which was modeled after his cameo role in the 2009 hit comedy movie “The Hangover”, saw him dressed in slacks, a white-collared shirt, crocodile shoes and his favorite herringbone and houndstooth jacket.

The wax figure was created over a period of six months by 20 artists using 300 measurements and thousands of photos.

Commenting on the waxwork, Tyson said:

“I just thought you wouldn’t be able to get all the details of the cuts but they did a remarkable job. My nephew, I brought my nephew in to see a picture of the statue and he thought that was me, he thought that was a real picture,”

The wax figure will become part of the museum’s permanent display as part of their “Hangover Experience,” which will feature an entire room based on the popular films.

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