Philanthropic community welcomes Zuckerberg's decision to give 99 pct of shares to charity

Dec 04, 2015 Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announce that he will be putting up 99 percent of his Facebook shares into a new philanthropy project, with focus on human potential and equality.

This was announced in a letter to his new born daughter.

Reacting to the announcement, John Kobara of the California Community Foundation said:

“I wasn’t shocked because when you have that kind of wealth, when you can give away 45 billion or 46 billion, you should be giving away a lot of your money. But I think it’s good to set a standard and a model for other people to give. And so when I read the news, I said, that’s good, good for Zuckerberg, because he’s been generous so far and now he’s making a statement about his wealth, his great wealth that most of it is going to go to philanthropy,”


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