Celebs react to Nomoreloss’ death

Mar 24, 2016 Social networks have been flooded with condolence messages from celebs and fans of late Nigerian new highlife singer Olumuyiwa Osinuga aka Nomoreloss who was reported to have died  in a Lagos hospital on Monday March 21 allegedly due to typhoid or chest infection, according to TheNet.ng.

Among the celebs who openly expressed their sadness over the loss of Nomoreloss is Nigerian comedienne Lepacious Bose who wants to know where Nomoreloss’ fake celeb friends were when Nomoreloess was dying of pain and depression, especially when Nomoreloss had not changed his social media posts in 13 weeks.

Celebs react to Nomoreloss’ death

In response to Lepacious Bose, veteran hip hop star Azadus says he won’t tolerate anyone making him feel guilty about Nomoreloss’s death, having it that people who knew about his deteriorating health and didn’t speak up are the ones to blame.

Late Nomoreloss’s record label Ayeesha Music released Nomoreloss’s new music video titled “Beautiful Things”, which Nomoreloss had intended to drop this Easter.

Nomoreloss is expected to be buried on Friday April 1.

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