China is no longer tobacco friendly

June 8, 2015 That China is the biggest manufacturer and consumer of Tobacco worldwide has not stopped the took effect from Monday, June 1st and come complete with fines for defaulters as well as a hotline to report said defaulters.

According to the new law, citizens can no longer smoke in offices, restaurants, hotels and hospitals, anyone caught doing otherwise will be slammed with a one thousand six hundred dollar fine. Smoking in some open-air spaces close to schools, hospitals, and sports venues has also been banned.

Venues which repeatedly ignore the law could have their licenses revoked, and individuals caught smoking in specified areas will face the music. Some people don’t think the law will work as smoking is a deep part of this system but Zhang Jiangshu, president of the Beijing Tobacco Control Association, told the China Daily newspaper that “The key lies in the business owners. They have the responsibility to ensure no smoking within their establishments.

Health commission inspectors are expected to enforce the law, carrying out spot-checks and following up on reports from the public. The government also launched a social media page allowing observers to upload images of smokers caught in the act.

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