John Kerry is still focused on work despite a leg fracture

June 8, 2015 Despite a leg fracture gotten while cycling, US secretary of state, John Kerry still has his mind on nailing down an important nuclear deal with Iran and being part of the final negotiations in late June. The 71-year-old experienced cyclist broke his right femur when his bike hit a curb, as he started on a climb of a tricky, steep mountain pass near the French town of Chamonix.

He arrived in Boston from Geneva accompanied by his personal doctor and was sent directly to the Massachusetts General Hospital for further treatment. He is expected to begin to walk soon and recover fully in about two months.

The Deputy State Department spokesperson, Marie Harf, said Kerry was in “good spirits”, and that “He’s committed to an aggressive, ambitious, and responsible recovery timeline,”

Kerry himself tweeted on twitter saying “Look fwd to getting leg set & getting back to @StateDept!” He then used the hashtag #Onward.

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