China says deployment of S.China sea defences is its legitimate right

Feb 29, 2016 China’s defense ministry recently justified its defense deployment in the South China Sea as its legitimate right.

China and the United States, have in recent weeks, sparred repeatedly following reports that China is deploying advanced missiles, fighters and radar equipment on islands in the South China Sea.

Speaking in a news briefing, spokesman for the ministry, Wu Qian, said:

“No matter in the past or at present, no matter temporarily or permanently, no matter if it this kind of equipment, or that kind of equipment. It is China’s legitimate right to deploy defense facilities within (our own) territory,”

He then went on to accuse the United States of operating a double standard.

“Shouldn’t we call it militarization if the United States ropes in and puts pressure on allied countries and partners to carry out joint drills and joint patrols with strong pertinence in the South China Sea? The U.S. turned a blind eye to the above actions of militarisation but always accused China of its legitimate and legal construction of defence capabilities. I have to say, this is (called) typical double standards,”

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