Concacaf outlines plans for reform

Feb 29, 2016 The soccer governing body for North America, Central America and the Caribbean, CONCACAF, recently outlined it reform plans, as it looks to move on from corruption scandals that rocked it in the past.

Three of the organizations past presidents, Jack Warner, Jeffrey Webb and Alfredo Hawit, were indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice on corruption charges.

Speaking at a press conference in Zurich, CONCACAF Executive Committee member, Victor Montagliani, outlined the reform plans saying:

“Today’s a very important day and the membership came together, all 41, and passed our reform statutes with significant changes on how we will govern football in the future. They will present organizational changes but also an opportunity for cultural change, where effective decisions will be made for the governance and the operations of the organisation are separated. A professionalized management team will be making financial decisions and the elected leadership will make the football and strategic decisions,”

He went on to add that, in the future, the CONCACAF Executive Committee will listen to the wishes of its members.

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