Democratic presidential candidates campaign ahead of Super Tuesday

March 01, 2016 Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders recently intensified their campaigns at two different states.

Clinton kicked off her campaign with visits to two different predominantly black churches in Memphis, Tennessee.

While addressing church goers at the Greater Imani Church, Clinton said:

“But most importantly we need to raise your voices in your votes in a way that people in authority begin to understand we are all in this together, we all have work to do, I said last night America has never stopped being great, our task is to make America whole”

Elsewhere in Oklahoma City, Bernie Sanders drew hundreds of supporters to his campaign rally, during which he highlighted his proposed policies to a cheering crowd of supporters.

While criticizing his opponent, Sanders said:

“She has a super PAC actually more than one last report was their super PAC raised twenty five million from special interest 15 million dollars from Wall Street alone. Secretary Clinton has given speeches to Wall Street where she’s paid over $200,000 to speak. now I think, this is what I think if you’re going to get paid $200,000 for a speech must be a pretty damn good speech and if it’s such a good speech you got to release the transcripts let everybody see it”

Back in Tennessee, Clinton shuttled to Nashville where she held a campaign rally. During the rally she was introduced by Tony Goldwyne, who played president in the television show “Scandal”.

If you will join me on this journey, I know we can do it and I need your help on Tuesday the Tennessee primary is really important. So please if you will stand up and vote for me, I will stand up and work and fight for you through this campaign and into the White House together. Thank you”

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