New president Infantino opens FIFA museum

March 01, 2016 New FIFA President Gianni Infantino recently opened the FIFA World Football Museum to the general public in Zurich.

The museum, under the guidance of director Stefan Jost, had been two years in the making. The new museum will create three thousand square meters of space for exhibits plus a sports bar, a bistro, cafe-bar and library.

Speaking at the opening, Infantino said:

“The passion of the people for football, boys, girls, men, women, I mean everyone who loves football should come and visit this place because it makes you really feel good with yourself if you love football. So I invite everybody to come here.”

FIFA had earlier revealed that over 1,000 objects, 1,400 photographs, 500 videos and 60 screens will make up the exhibits, with a giant soccer pinball machine for visitors to try.

The current World Cup trophies for men and women are also on show, having been taken out of their bank vaults.

“We can see that what matters in football is the colour of the shirts of the teams and nothing else. Which is excellent and we can really see the history of world football from all continents – from every place. It is really moving and touching and I think very important that finally it has been done.”

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