EU’s Mogherini upbeat after meeting with Argentine President in Buenos Aires

Mar 14, 2016 Argentine President Mauricio Macri and Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra recently met with EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini as Argentina looks to strengthen relations with the European Union.

Speaking after the meeting, Mogherini said she take back a positive message to Europe regarding the South American country.

“I will go back to Europe, bringing a message of confidence in the process that Argentina has started both in terms of internal reforms, economic reforms, but also in terms of reconnection to the region and the world. And also investments in the fact that Argentina is living in one of the few parts of the world that can enjoy peace and security. And this is an added value, that is also an added value for us Europeans,”

Since his inauguration, president Macri has implemented a comprehensive pact with holdout creditors that could allow Argentina to issue debt in the global sovereign bond market.

Mogherini, who reportedly invited Macri to Brussels for more talks, went on to say:

“We will start with the macroeconomic dialogue in May, which is something that is, we know very well, extremely important for the credibility of the country. And we will continue with business round tables that we are ready and keen to organize to provide the framework of the European business community that is ready to come and invest more in Argentina. And, including also, cooperation in the security sector with a series of potential fields of cooperation that are going to be mutually beneficial,”

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