FIFA reform committee strong on platitudes, short on detail

Sep 8, 2015 Following the indictment of nine of its current and former officials on bribery-related charges, FIFA is currently facing unprecedented pressure from the football community for a total overhaul.

Chairman of the reform committee Francois Carrard said the committee had enjoyed two days of “intense and fruitful” discussions after a meeting in the Swiss capital.

“We are not, yet, at the stage of the proposals; we have covered, studied, reviewed and exchanged opinions on all area”,

FIFA’s audit and compliance committee, headed by Domenico Scala, had presented a nine-point reform programme to the executive committee in July. Carrard, who is yet to appoint his five-man advisory board, rejected suggestions that his committee will have vested interests when discussing Scala’s proposals.

“I have no feeling of any fight at all. The committee, the members of the committee, all of them, without exception – and we worked very hard – have taken every area, one after the other, to discuss it in the most open and I would say, constructive way,” he said.

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