FIFA says secretary general Jerome Valcke released from his duties immediately

Sep 22, 2015 The World soccer governing body recently put its Secretary General Jerome Valcke on leave following allegation that suggests he was involved in an improper deal to resell 2014 World Cup tickets for a lucrative profit.

FIFA, which is still circumnavigating corruption investigations by Swiss and U.S. authorities, released a statement saying that it was aware of the allegations involving Valcke and has requested a formal investigation by the ethics committee.

Former Israeli soccer player, Benny Alon, speaking at a news conference in Zurich said in 2013 Valcke agreed to secure plum World Cup tickets, which were to be sold at a markup and the proceeds split with Valcke.

According to reports, Valcke has vehemently denied the allegation saying:

“I have no reason to say that I shouldn’t remain Secretary General regarding what’s happened in the last days, because I have no responsibility and I’m beyond reproach and I certainly don’t feel guilty. So I don’t even have to justify that I’m innocent.”

The 54 year old French international went on to say:

“As the head of the administration I can be proud of what FIFA’s administration has done and FIFA’s administration I don’t think has ever been part of any of the stories which are around FIFA including all the commercial agreements we have signed from 2000 and…you are talking about my appointment – 2007 to 2015; I have not seen anything which is related to any wrongdoings by the FIFA administration regarding any commercial aspect of FIFA during this period…”

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