Former FIFA V.P says arrest on officials by FBI was out of spite for U.S not getting world cup 2022

June 2, 2015 Jack Warner, former FIFA Vice president who is currently involved in the recent corruption and bribery scandal with several others in the organization has spoken up regarding the issue. The 72 year old rejected corruption charges leveled against him by the United States at a conference and claimed that Washington was seeking retaliation for not getting the 2022 Soccer World Cup.

The Trinidad and Tobago native who turned himself in to authorities in Port of Spain was freed after posting bail of nearly $400 000 said the Americans were simply “trying to put the hurt on FIFA since they did not get World Cup 2022, so it’s personal.”

He continued, saying “When they sent me to prison, they thought they would have broken me. On the other hand, they have made me stronger,”

The Trinidadian justice system is likely to rule in July on the United States’ extradition request. It is recalled that Warner left FIFA in 2011 after being suspended by an ethics committee looking into corruption.

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