Olympic medalist plans to remain in the game

June 2, 2015 South African Olympic breaststroke gold medalist Cameron van der Burgh, has said he will have to keep up with his efforts to remain among the top swimmers in his specialist event this year if he is to successfully defend his title at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Since winning the Olympic gold medal in the men’s 100m breaststroke in a world-record time of 58.46 seconds at the London Games, Cameron is very aware of young and also talented swimmers who desperately seek his crown.

The talented swimmer doesn’t seem to have too much reason to be worried though, he started the season on a good note with the fourth fastest time in the world this year of 59.78 seconds, at the South African National Aquatic Championships in Durban in April.

He is quoted as saying “The main goal in the year before the Olympic Games is to try and be in contention for the gold next year. If you are not in the medals this year, you are sort of falling behind and in 2011 the main goal for me was to work my way up to the 100m breaststroke and get up there.”

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