Former player says FIFA is letting down both the fans and players

June 17, 2015 The ripples regarding the recent FIFA scandal have not died down yet, and lots of people are expressing their unhappiness with the saga in FIFA. One of them is lie Marco Van Basten, former player and double European Cup winner, who believes the world football governing body is letting down both the fans and players.

A disappointed Van Basten said “It’s a pity that FIFA is working like that. I don’t think it helps football. I think the only thing that is important is that football is clean and well organized. And I hope that it is going to be in the future, that it will be well organized, nice, and honest,”

The former player is convinced that replacing Sepp Blatter, Michel Platini, and other top level officials will be good for the game.

He also said, I think it’s good to have somebody who has grown up with football, understands the game, and really feels what football needs. I think somebody like that is necessary, it has to help the game. But on the other side, you need also, a person who is a leader because football is big. You have a lot of countries, a lot of people, and you have to lead in a good way. I think both are important,”

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