Olympic champion Usain Bolt has two big goals

June 17, 2015 American Sprinter Justin Gatlin does not have any new tricks up his sleeves, according to Jamaica‘s Usain Bolt. Bolt says Gatlin talks too much, and so he knows Gatlin’s tactics and is looking forward to meeting the American  in Beijing at the world championships in August.

Speaking at a conference recently, Bolt said  “It’s hard not to see what he’s doing because he talks a lot. He says a lot. So for me, I definitely see what he’s doing. But for me, I never worry. I have 12 weeks to get ready for the World Championships and that’s what I’m focused on. I’m just coming back from a rough season, last season. So, I’m just trying to work my way back into shape, work my way back up the ladder. I’m sure as soon as I get to Beijing, I’ll be ready to go. So, I’m looking forward to the competition,”

The Jamaican track star has won six Olympic gold medals, and part of his dream is winning gold at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

On this, he said “I have two main goals that I want to get. One is really big. I think the hardest one is trying to get on 19 seconds. I really want to do 19 seconds. And winning the Olympics three times. So for me, those are my two big goals. So that’s what keeps me going, keeps me motivated. So next season for me is going to be a big season, but I got to take it a step at a time. So, I’m looking forward to Beijing first.”

All the best Usain.

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