The sparkle of her jewels paled in comparison to the sparkle in her eyes.

“I tried working for someone. That didn’t work out. I also attempted a few businesses, but couldn’t quite make it. I read somewhere about goldsmithing and tried to find someone who would teach me. After that training I continued reading and studying about it on my own. Now, I make gold and silver jewelry for clients.”

I thought goldsmiths were usually men. “There are very few female goldsmiths. When I started, I only knew of 3 women doing what I do. But that is changing. Young women have been coming to me requesting to learn this craft, so I now run a training course.”

What can your story teach other young people? “In Nigeria, it is very easy to blame conditions around us when we don’t succeed, but there is more than one path to success. If something is not working keep trying, you will eventually find the right path for you.”

She creates beautiful jewelry and is a rare gem in her own right.

NihmaIbironkeOduniyi is a tenacious young lady who is paving the way for other women to enter a male-dominated craft. Meet her and other trailblazers on “Naija Diamonds” every Saturday at 20:30 CAT (19:30 WAT) only on EbonyLife TV channel 165.

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Phone: 08185011897


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