Ice sculptors compete in Harbin

Jan 13, 2016 Sculptors from 14 countries recently took part in the Harbin International Ice Sculpting Competition in northeast China.

Over 60 ice sculptors convened in Harbin to showcase their dexterity in the ice sculpting.

One of the contestants, Yue Changshui, a sixth time competitor said:

“This is a very good international platform to exchange ideas about ice sculpting. It brings together different cultures from various countries and regions. This competition has great significance for art exchange. I try to participate in this competition every year because it is a very meaningful competition,”

Spanish ice sculptor Andrey Elias and his partner Madeu Marcet said:

“We usually go to different competitions for snow and ice around the world. We’ve been in Russia, we’ve been in Slovenia, we’ve been in Canada, in United States. Harbin is the biggest one. It’s amazing to see these buildings made by ice and the city. It’s really, really nice. We enjoy a lot to stay here,”

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