Stars discuss golden globe wins backstage at the awards show

Jan 13, 2016 After the films “The Revenant” and “The Martian” took home the top film awards at the Golden Globes, the films’ stars went backstage to talk about their awards.

Apparently, the backstage discussion revolved around Sean Penn’s secret interview with Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

Commenting on this, Matt Damon, who won Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical for the movie “The Martian” said:

“It’s nothing new, actors going and seeking out meetings like this. I don’t want to throw any other actors under the bus, but I know a lot of very, very serious actors and filmmakers who’ve been having meetings like this forever…It’s part of what we do to do our job really well and Sean somehow figured out that he had an audience, I assume, with this person and I’m sure was pursuing something creatively and thought a meeting with him would be valuable, so he did it,”

Another winner, Gael Garcia Bernal, who won Best Actor in a TV Comedy or Musical for Amazon’s “Mozart in the Jungle”, said

“The truth is that it’s a very recent topic and very delicate. As a Mexican, it takes a lot for me to speak about something so delicate and vandalize it by saying just anything. So the only thing I have to say is that I don’t have a comment about this,”

Kate Winslet won the award for supporting actress in “Steve Jobs”, a film that took an eagle’s view into the life of the late Apple co-founder.

Speaking on her award, she said:

“Women are doing such great work. I think that there’s a lot of us out there still in the game. I mean, I’ve been doing this for 23 years now. Cate Blanchett’s being doing it for probably longer, actually. And look at Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda. I mean, these wonderful women that we’re so fortunate to stand alongside and to learn from still. It’s just incredibly exciting to have that array of skill for all of us to be inspired by. And to be a part of that is just wonderful. 

The big winner of the night, however, was “The Revenant”, which won three awards including best drama film.

The film’s star, Leonardo DiCaprio, who won best drama actor said:

“It’s very rewarding. You know, we had a very solid opening weekend because I think people appreciate seeing a different type of cinema out there, a more visceral type of movie. We really submerged ourselves in the element like this and Alejandro and our cinematographer Chivo shot this whole film in natural light in nine months in very rough conditions and I think people, honestly, want to see that type of cinema.”

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